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    Work resumption in China

    Because of the epidemic, many enterprises constantly delay the date of work resumption. In the condition of the government's strong intervention and there is no returning travelers peak after spring festival in China, so the novel coronavirus pneumonia has been effectively controlled in China.

    As of March 15, China's 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions had zero newly confirmed cases; in Hubei province, the number of new cases in Wuhan city was a single digit for five consecutive days, and no new cases in other cities other than Wuhan for 12 consecutive days. As of 12:00 on March 16, 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China had confirmed that the cases were all cured. From 00:00 - 24:00 on march 16, Hubei province confirmed on new case which was from Wuhan city, and there have been no new cases here for 12 consecutive days in other cities of Hubei. Looking forward to the day when there are no new cases in Wuhan!

    At present, the coronavirus has basically been controlled in China. The latest official data show that enterprises across China have resumed production and work.

    CHAENG resumed production

    With the epidemic situation in better shape, many enterprises begin to work and put back on production. CHANEG also begins to work while doing a better job in epidemic prevention. On the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees, on March 2nd, CHAENG has began to work and put back on production comprehensively, so that we can keep production stable, ensure to fulfil the production plan, and guarantee the products can be handed?to?clients with good quality and on time. Welcome your inquiry online! We can arrange a reasonable schedule for production.

    CHAENG production site

    CHAENG has set up the record system for employees who returned to work, established wholesome protection work system, ?monitored every employee’s health everyday, provided the protective materials for every employee, disinfected every areas of the factory(include: lobby, passageway, conference room, workshop, washroom, manufacturing facilities, business places, staff canteen, staff dormitory), arranged the production plan reasonably, established the anti-epidemic measures for every operating post, strengthened the vehicle management policy, and prepared emergency countermeasures if there are something emergent epidemic happens.

    CHAENG Project Cases

    Main Products

    introduction of chaeng

    Established in 1958 Cement equipment manufacturing enterprise in China with more than 60 years of experience, More than 500 sets of processing equipment Rich experience in exporting more than 3000 large grinding equipment Providing professional cement grinding process for clients
    • Technical personnel are designing the optimal cement grinding station program for you.

    • The cement grinding station equipment are assembled here.

    • The cement grinding station equipment are processed and shaped here.

    • Storage the grinding plant equipment, which will be sent to your country soon.

    • Here are all your parts, we will configure them promptly.

    Cooperating Customers

    Cooperating Customers

    In the face of the epidemic, we need to strengthen our confidence, control the epidemic scientifically, and implement policies accurately. Make all preparations before returning to work and seriously implement prevention and control measures, to effectively ensure the health of all employees and clients.

    We are determined to win the fight against epidemic!

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