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    Cement Ball Mill

    GGBS Vertical Roller Mill

    【Product description】: GGBS (Slag product applications) vertical roller mill is the equipment to grind Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (GGBFS) into small particles.GGBS (fineness:4200-4500cm2/g) produced by vertical roller mills are being used to substitute clinker in conventional cement manufacturing, for which the percentage of GGBS usage is typically at 10-15% and 20-25% respectively.
    【Product capacity】: 200,000-1,500,000t/a
    【Specific surface area】: 420~450 m²/kg

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    1. Reduce investment costs, intelligent control

    2. Adjust fineness according to demands

    3. Power consumption per set of GRMS is not more than 30Kwh

    4. Remarkable energy-saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance

    5. Original spare parts to reduce maintenance worries

    6. Metal recovery rate of per-ton slag is great


    vertical slag mill.jpg

    The material through the feed tube fell into the center of grinding plate, and then the materials outwards the surrounding area of grinding plate at centrifugal force, to forms a certain thick layer of materials bed, at the same time material was crushed by number of vertical mill rollers. The materials continuous moving to the outer edge of the grinding plate, off the grinding plate materials rising with the hot air which enter from wind ring into the vertical roller mill, through the vertical roller mill shell into the middle of the separator, in this course materials and hot gas got a fully heat exchange, the water quickly evaporates. Separator controls the finished product output size, greater than the specified size are separated and fall back to the plate, while meet the fineness demands are brought through the separator into the finished product warehouse.


    Model Grinding Table Diameter (mm) Motor (kW) Output (t/h)
    GRMS19 1900 560 15
    GRMS23 2300 710 20
    GRMS26 2600 1000 28
    GRMS30 3000 1400 40
    GRMS33 3300 1600 45
    GRMS36 3600 2000 60
    GRMS38 3800 2240 65
    GRMS40 4000 2500 75
    GRMS43 4300 3000 90
    GRMS46 4600 3150 95
    GRMS50 5000 4000 125
    GRMS53 5300 4500 145
    GRMS56 5600 5000 155
    GRMS60 6000 6300 180
    GRMS65 6500 7300 220
    GRMS70 7000 8500 260


    slag grinding plant.jpg

    Project name: Great Wall machinery slag powder demonstration and training base with annual production of 600,000t

    Project address: Great Wall Road, Mengzhuang Town, Huixian City, Henan Province

    Contracting mode: General contracting---turnkey project

    Host configuration: GRMS 46.41 slag vertical roller mill

    Production capacity: Annual production of 600,000t slag powder

    Project company: Tangshan Hongyan building material Co., Ltd

    Project address: Accumulation Area, Coastal Industry, Leting County, Bohai Bay.

    Contracting mode: General contracting---turnkey project

    Host configuration: GRMS 46.41,GRMS33.31 slag vertical roller mill

    Production capacity: Annual production of 900,000t slag powder

    slag grinding vertical mill.jpg

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