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    What Is Cement Rotary Kiln

    30 Oct,2023 UTC+8 Views:

    Cement rotary kiln, also called cement kiln, is a pyroprocessing device used for calcining cement clinker in cement production lines. It is the main engine in the cement manufacturing process, commonly known as the “heart” of the cement plant. In the production process, an equipped kiln burner produces heat by burning fuel, and the heat is transferred to materials through flame radiation, hot gas convection, kiln brick conduction, etc., which promotes the chemical reaction between cement raw materials and finally forms clinker.

    CHAENG is a cement equipment supplier with more than 60 years of production and sales experience. We provide customers with all kinds of cement equipment. Cement rotary kiln is our hot-sale product, the output can reach 300-3000 t/d.