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    An installation method of a rotary kiln tyre

    23 Sep,2023 UTC+8 Views:

    An installation method of a rotary kiln tyre, which adopts an adjustment method that: (1) two presses I are arranged in parallel below the tyre and round steel is arranged between the presses I and the tyre; (2) two presses II matching with the presses I are arranged at both sides of the tyre to adjust the clearance between the tyre and a cylinder so as to lead various clearances between the tyre and the cylinder to be uniform; and (3) three hand cranes with the same pressure are uniformly hung on the circumference of the cylinder at an interval of 120-degree angle for adjustment till the center line of the tyre is coincided with that of a roller, and finally positioning stop blocks are arranged at both sides of the tyre so as to ensure stability of the tyre. The installation method has the advantages that the method is used for high-altitude installation of the rotary kiln, the positioning and centering installation method is adopted, the hoisting centering is completed at one time with high efficiency and convenience, the installation process is improved, the installation cost is obviously reduced, the installation quality is improved, and the center line deviation of the rotary kiln cylinder is greatly reduced.