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    How to solve the situation of reduced production capacity of slag powder equipment?

    27 Feb,2021 UTC+8 Views:

    When the slag vertical mill is in operation, there will be some failures similar to unstable production capacity. On the surface, it may not affect the operation of the roller mill, but in fact, there is a great potential risk. A little carelessness will cause the production capacity of the slag powder equipment to decrease:

    1. The large water content of the slag causes an increase in the heat consumption of pulverized coal;

    2. The quality of pulverized coal is inferior, resulting in larger ash content and serious blockage of flue;

    3. The position of the pulverized coal silo is relatively low, which causes the wind to enter the furnace through the secondary fan directly from the pulverized coal silo when coal is blown;

    4. The retaining ring is not replaced in time or the height of the retaining ring is too high or too low after the grinding disc is worn;

    5. The screw conveyor, the primary fan, and the secondary fan are not overhauled in time, resulting in insufficient coal and air supply;

    6. The impeller of the main fan of the vertical mill is not repaired and replaced in time, and the abrasion is serious, resulting in insufficient air flow in the system, a decrease in the air flow in the mill, dense fine powder on the grinding table, an increase in the vibration value of the vertical mill, and a decrease in output.

    vertical roller mill

    It can be seen that the production capacity of mineral powder equipment is directly related to the nature of the material and the technical level of the operator. For example, when the water content of the vertical mill material is too large, the feeding pipe of the mill is blocked, and the rotary feeder is frequently shut down due to overload, which makes the mill unable to produce normally. At this time, an inspection hole can be added under the rotary feeder, and simple dredging will be carried out once every 4 days; the machine will be shut down once every 15 days, and the manpower will be concentrated to dredge the material in the feeding pipe, and the air cannon can be used to assist in the blockage removal to ensure the mill produce.

    Another example is the wear of grinding rollers and grinding discs. Operators need to perform regular maintenance. When the wear of grinding rollers is close to 25mm and the wear of grinding table is close to 10mm, they can be repaired by surfacing welding to repair the size of grinding rollers and grinding table to ensure production.

    There are many reasons for the failure of mineral powder equipment, but there is only one effect. Therefore, when facing the vertical mill failure problem, you must be calm, find the cause in time, and perform shutdown and repair if necessary, so as to effectively and quickly solve the problem. In order to ensure the stable operation of mineral powder equipment in the later stage, and achieve the purpose of high yield and high quality!